Thank you from One Ingredient | See you in 2016!

Thank you…

It has been a year to remember at One Ingredient.

Incredible wines, some delicious pairings, a couple of great looking plates of food and, let’s face it, some not-so-great looking ones too!

We had vegans, picky eaters, eat-anything-and-everythings, gluten-frees and no-dairy-for-me’s. There were (real and wannabe) Masterchef contestants, wine connoisseurs, well-known foodies and…bloggers.

Lots of new friends have been made along the way, with a bit of romance in there as well. We braved loadshedding and the Woodstock wind, with a few perfect nights – the kind that make Cape Town famous for its beauty – in between. Some of you returned month after month to put up with my terrible English banter and considerably better food.

We learned a lot from the wine people that came to share their passion for vino. We learned a lot in the kitchen. There were moist breasts and juicy loins. And get your mind out of the gutter (where it’s keeping mine company!)

We instagrammed, we uploaded, and we trended on Twitter. We had late nights, after parties and even busted some dance moves!

But after all the fuss, hard work and sweat, it’s just dinner. Isn’t it? Well, it might be just dinner but I’d do it all over again. And I hope you would too.

My biggest thanks goes to you for your hard work in the kitchen, great sense of fun, generous appetite and – most importantly – for being a loyal guest of One Ingredient in 2015.

Have your self a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!

All the best,

Matt x


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