Pan Roasted Beef Bolo, Peppered Watermelon, Shimigi Mushrooms, Baby Spinach and Carrot Puree


Serves 4


Pan Roasted Beef, peppered Watermelon and Shimigi Mushrooms:

100g Bolo

200g diced watermelon

200g shimigi mushrooms

500g baby spinach

Carrot puree:

500g carrots

1 clove garlic

1 sprig of thyme

200g butter

1 knob of ginger

50ml cream


Carrot Puree:

Finely dice carrots and ginger. Place into a roasting tray with olive oil, sea salt, thyme and garlic. Roast in the oven until well caramelized and salt. In a large pot, add your knob of butter, onion and sea salt. Cook until soft. Add your roasted carrot, cream and the extra 200g butter. Bring to the boil. Add to a food processor and puree until smooth. Season with sea salt, strain through a sieve and serve immediately with the beef, mushrooms and watermelon.

Pan-roasted Beef, Peppered Watermelon, Shimigi Mushrooms:

Season your beef well with olive oil, sea salt and pepper. In a hot pan, sear your beef until caramelized all the way around and cook until medium-rare. Remove the beef from the pan.

In the hot pan, add your watermelon and a touch of black pepper. Sear the watermelon until well caramelized. Remove from the pan then add a touch more olive oil, mushrooms, 1 clove of garlic and sprig of thyme. Add a knob of butter once mushrooms are caramelized, then add spinach. Stir in the spinach until the leaves just begin to soften.



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