The Asparagus Menu

Now that spring is officially well and truly here, what better ingredient to use other than asparagus? Quite often this fashionable little fellow gets ruined by being boiled to death and then covered in hollandaise sauce so thick you could stick it to the ceiling! Well not any more! Prepare to give this ingredient the treatment it deserves as we char grill, roast, pickle and even use this fella in an ice cream. Ladies and gents I present to you the Asparagus menu… 


Asparagus and bacon risotto balls
Amuse bouche
Asparagus veloute with dippy egg and soldiers
Hot smoked breast of quail, roasted asparagus spears, crispy cured coppa, horserdish snow, goats cheese beignet and pommery mustard vinaigrette
28 day aged rib eye, char grilled asparagus, white bean and truffle fondue, watercress, almond and black radish
Warm apple sponge, pistachio and asparagus ice cream 


October dinner dates and wine farms:

October 10th : Nitida
October 11th: De Waal
October 24th: Waverley Hills
October 25th: Ormonde

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