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As we have established, I’m a bit of a regular at dear Matt Manning’s One Ingredient dinners, but seldom have I waited in salivating anticipation as I did for the Bacon Menu. To be honest, who wouldn’t? Heck, I would have been happy if the chef had presented me with 4 plates of just bacon. Of course, he didn’t.

What would a bacon menu be without bacon & eggs? So, for our amouse, chef served up his own version of the classic. Tiny softly boiled quails eggs were balanced on an equally tiny mound of BBQ baked beans & bacon on brioche. Next, we were served deliciously warm pea veloute with salty bacon foam paired with Vondeling’s Sauvignon Blanc.

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From here we headed to the kitchen where Matt demonstrated how to make the most convoluted (and possibly delicious) BLT in the known world. From moist quail breasts to confit tomatoes and herb-cured bacon, the dish was a lovely light start to the meal. After muchVondeling Chardonnay and many giggles, we were headed back to the bench to watch chef put together our main course of pork belly with smoked pommes puree, bacon and pear marmalade & braised pak choi. Well wined and well enthused, we scuttled back to our cooking stations in an attempt to make our own plates look somewhat like Matt’s creation.

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Somehow, between stealing mushrooms from the vegetarian diners & creating a very pureed version of our pommes, we managed to get our meals on our plates and our plates to our tables. The Vondeling flowed along with much questionable conversation that should never be repeated. Fortunately, we were saved from ourselves with the serving of dessert – a delectable dark chocolate parfait, coffee infused candied bacon & coffee meringue.

As always, much fun (and mischief) was had.
Until we cook again.


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Photos by Francois Pistorius

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