Waygu Beef Bresola and Pickled Beetroot


Serves 4


1 packet of Richard Bosman’s Wagyu beef bresola

2 beetroots


2 cloves of garlic

100g of fourme d’ amber or any good strong blue cheese

50ml cream

100g walnuts

4 apples

Beetroot stems

100g brown sugar

100ml apple vinegar

1 tsp of cinnamon

Juice of 1 orange

Olive oil

For the compote, Peel and grate the apples. Take the stem of the baby beetroots and finely chop them. Then in a large pot add some olive oil then roast the apples, the stem and cinnamon. Once golden brown, add the sugar vinegar and orange juice. Let the compote cook out for around 30-40 minutes and finish with olive oil.

For the beetroot puree, place the beetroots in a pot of water. Add vinegar, sugar, thyme and salt. Cover with a lid and simmer until cooked through (around 30 minutes). Take the beetroots out of the pot and while they are still warm peel off the skin using your hands. Now roughly slice the cooked beetroots and put into a food processor. Blend the beetroots until smooth. Add a touch of olive oil, salt and orange juice.

For the pickled baby beetroots, finely slice the baby beetroots on a mandolin. Lay onto a tray and drizzle with balsamic, olive oil, honey and sherry vinegar. Pick some thyme leaves and mix into the beetroots. Season with rock salt and black pepper.

For the fourme d’ ambert, soften the cheese at room temperature. Whip the cream and fold into the soft cheese. Add salt, pepper and lemon juice

Bring the components together and finish the dish with some delicious baby salad leaves or watercress.


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