Quince Crumble and Vanilla Custard

Serves 4

One Ingredient 042
50g butter
300g quince peeled and diced
100g apple peeled and diced
100g pear peeled and diced
1 tbs Cinnamon
10g fresh Ginger
Brown sugar
A good squeeze of honey

100g oats
100g almonds
100g caster sugar
100g flour
100g butter softened

1 vanilla pod
275 ml double cream
3 large egg yolks
1 teaspoon cornflour
25 g caster sugar

For the fruit

Heat a pot to a medium heat, add butter, diced fruit, spices, sugar and honey. Keep tossing the fruit and allow the honey and sugar to caramelise so all the fruit is coated in a sticky sweet syrup. Cover and cook until the fruit is just soft.

For the topping just combine all the ingredients together using your hands until the mixture becomes a bread crumb consistency.

Either, put the fruit mixture into individual ramikins or a baking dish. Cover with the topping and bake at 165deg for 20mins or until the topping is golden.

For the custard

Heat the cream with the vanilla pod until simmering. Then in a separate bowl whisk together the eggs, sugar and cornflour until the mixture thickens and goes slightly pale. Then add 1/4 of the hot cream while still whisking. Now pour your egg mix back into the pot with the rest of the cream. Return to the heat and continue whisking until the custard thickens. This usually takes 5 minutes.

To serve pour the hot custard over the crumble and enjoy!

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