Brioche Doughnuts with Butternut and Pear Jam




700g flour

500g butter

8 eggs

100ml milk

40g sugar

20g salt

12g dried yeast

Put all the dried ingredients into a kitchen aid. Using the dough hook, bring the ingredients together on a slow rotation. Slowly add the eggs one buy one and then add the butter 50g at a time until a dough has formed. Now turn up the speed to full and leave to knead for 7 minutes. The dough should be stretchy and the bowl clean when it is ready.

Butternut and Pear jam

200g butternut


200g pears

Sugar syrup

To make the sugar syrup, put 150g of sugar and 150ml water into a pot and boil with a squeeze of orange juice and vanilla pod. Now add all the other ingredients and reduce down the liquid until a glaze and then puree in a blender.

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